Superior Gelding


Superior gelding is a wait and see!

Deadline is technically May 1st as usual, but with covid19 I have left registration open until the Thursday before the first show. All entries must be in before measuring starts. If the shows don't go forward and you have already paid for this year your monies will automatically transfer to 2022 The Western Canadian Miniature Horse Clubs program for all the Gelding lovers out there!!!!



The whole program rests on the owners being responsible for deciding what shows and judges to use on their nomination form and submitting them along with a nomination fee to the Points Coordinator. All the hard work is being done by the owners so the committee only has to tabulate the points and give out the prize.

• we are splitting the A and B size horses for both halter and performance.
• that any handler can be used for the points as this is an award for the horse so if your horse is shown by a youth, amateur and trainer at a show all those placings can be used.
• that any sanctioned A.M.H.A. or A.M.H.R. show results can be used.
• that even though 6 judges sounds like a lot, if you go to both club shows and show in the A.M.H.A. and A.M.H.R. shows, that would be 6 judges.
• The gledings owner must be a member in good standing of the Western Canadian Miniature Horse Club to participate in this program.

You do not have to make a final decision on entering the program until after show season and results should be available on the club website with enough time for you to fill out the nomination form before the deadline. If you are not sure if a class falls under the halter or performance division or have any questions at all, please contact the chairperson by email, phone or come by and we can talk at a show.
This program should be FUN,FUN,FUN and we hope everyone gets involved.

Thank you
Kelly Wagar
Superior Gelding Program Chairperson