Futurity will run at the first show we can hold!
Sustaining your horse can be done until - June 30, 2021

The Futurity is a breeding program designed to promote and encourage a breeder to breed the best quality show horse possible by selecting correct mares and using stallions to compliment the mares. This program has also included the element of promoting both Canadian owned and bred stock and get.

A foal must be nominated by March 31 in the year it will be a Yearling. You cannot start a Two Year Old in the program. To remain in the program the nomination fee must be paid by the deadline each year for the Two Year Old and Three Year Old classes. Not showing in the classes does not disqualify you from the program, so if the nominated foal does not show in the Yearling and/or Two Year Old class they still eligible to show the next year as long as the yearly nomination fee is submitted. Once you make the decision to exhibit your entry in the class you must then pay the Class Fee. This change was made so that the financial risk was much lower to nominate a yearling.


Available classes have been changed to try and give participants a clearer direction that they would like their equine athlete to follow whether it be Halter classes or Performance classes. Keep in mind that you can do either division or both as long as the entry fees are submitted.


The program will strive to be an avenue for Canadian breeders to showcase their breeding programs and customers a place to review multiple farms in one place.


The classes will be held during the Finale Show so as to utilize the venue but will be a separate entity. You will not have to be entered in the show but if you need stalls it can be arranged through the Show Committee. The halter/driving classes will be run similar to the Finale Show classes at the discretion of the Judge.


The decision was made to extend the nomination deadline into spring to allow breeders time for the coming yearlings to mature enough to be properly evaluated for inclusion in the Futurity. Due to our weather patterns it was determined that in utero or weanling classes would not be well represented.


Hopefully this clears up some issues and provides enough information to get Canadian breeders involved. We want you to show off your stock and get customers interested in buying Canadian instead of going out of country.


Bryson Hunter Chairperson Futurity Committee




2021 Futurity 

Performance Futurity Pattern


Futurity Nomination Form


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