October 17, 2015


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The name of the Club shall be the Western Canadian Miniature Horse Club, hereinafter referred to as the “Club”. The Club, formed in November 1985, is associated with the American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA), and the American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR).


The purpose of the Club is to:
• Develop and promote the miniature horse breed.
• Develop and maintain good fellowship among other horse associations and the public
• Encourage the breeding, training, and exhibition of good quality Canadian stock as 
defined by the AMHA and AMHR Standards of Perfection. This shall be accomplished through coordination of AMHA and AMHR sanctioned and non-sanctioned miniature horse shows, the use of the media, club newsletters, sponsorship, exhibits, showing and judges’ clinics, demonstrations, socials, and whatever other methods that may from time to time be selected by the Board of Directors. The Club is a non-profit organization.

An organization is established for a reason – some underlying philosophy which defines its reason for existence and describes those characteristics which make it different from other organizations. At the heart of the organization there must be a core of set values which affect all decision making. These values establish the basis upon which the day-to-day decisions are made and implemented. Establishing principals which will guide the behavior of the members must be based on the underlying values of the organization.


1. This code of ethics is hereby adopted as part of the Club Policy of the Western Canadian
Miniature Horse Club while in attendance at WCMHC shows and/or events. 

2. If a Member or Members are found to be in violation of the code of ethics of a nature serious enough, then the matter may be dealt with under the auspices of Article II (Membership) Section 4 of the Club Bylaws: Membership Withdrawal.


3. In every situation the welfare of the breed and the Western Canadian Miniature Horse Club shall be paramount over other considerations.

4. It shall be considered unethical practice for any Member against whom a complaint has been made to attempt to influence the Committee of Management or any other Member by duress or intimidation of a sort, prior to the complaint having been resolved according to the WCMHC By – Laws.

Owners and Breeders
5. Owners and Breeders shall avoid false, misleading and misapplied statements, advertisements and the like concerning horses offered for sale or for stud purposes.
6. Owners and Breeders shall not publicly disparage the horse of another owner or Breeder, nor publicly volunteer an opinion of another Owner’s horse or a transaction to which he/she is not a party. If his/her’s private opinion is sought, and he/she sincerely feels qualified to answer, that opinion shall be given privately and with courtesy and integrity.


7. An Owner or Breeder and their agents and employees shall use reasonable care in the handling and treatment of his/her own horse and those horses placed in his/her care. Exhibitors

8. Conduct of Owners and Exhibitors in the ring and on the show grounds shall be exemplary at all times.

9. The ring and show grounds conduct of any Exhibitor shall not be such as to adversely affect the exhibition of any other person’s horse.


10. Owners and Exhibitors shall not attempt to influence Judges or appointed Judges by any means prior to or after an event.

11. Non winners of an event shall remain in the ring or display area until dismissed in the manner directed by the Show Organizers.

12. Genuine applause is commendable, but not where it represents less than fair competition to the other horses in the event.

13. Owners and Exhibitors shall not accuse the Judge of favoritism or bribery of any form. If they have a legitimate protest, then it shall be followed in the manner laid out by Show  Management. Owners and Exhibitors shall support the Judge and judging system of the day. Judges and Stewards The Western Canadian Miniature Horse Club, shall expect all Judges of approved or sponsored shows, and thereby their Stewards to understand and abide by following:

14. The first step of a Judge is to exhibit the highest standard of integrity at all times toward the breed, the horses exhibited, and their handlers, he/she should avoid decisions arrived at by influence, bias, reputation or ignorance.

15. Judges are responsible for knowledge and understanding of the Miniature Horse Breed.

16. Judges and Stewards shall make every effort to isolate themselves from Exhibitors and Handlers until the conclusion of the judging for the day or the show.

17. Judges and Stewards shall report to the Event Management any improper approaches by Exhibitors, Handlers or Owners of any horses shown.

The Western Canadian Miniature Horse Club holds that adherence to this code of ethics is
important to the integrity of the Miniature Horse Breed and the AMHA and AMHR Associations. 
Membership to the Western Canadian Miniature Horse Club is in agreement to abide by this code of ethics.

Rationale: Principles and practices of the Western Canadian Miniature Horse Club Board of Directors and Committee Chairs to provide guidance and direction for effective governance.

Code: Members of the Board of Directors are committed to observing and promoting the highest standards of ethical conduct in the performance of their responsibilities on the board of the Western Canadian Miniature Horse Club. Board members pledge to accept this code as a minimum guideline for ethical conduct and shall:

1. Faithfully abide by the articles of incorporation, bylaws, rules and policies of the club.
2. Exercise reasonable care, good faith and due diligence in governing and managing the affairs of the WCMHC (Principles of Duty of Care, Loyalty and Obedience)
3. Fully disclose, at the earliest opportunity, information that may result in a perceived oractual conflict of interest.
4. Fully disclose, at the earliest opportunity, information of fact that would have >significance in board decision making.
5. Remain accountable for prudent fiscal management to WCMHC members, the board, the equine industry and, where applicable, to government and funding bodies. Professional Excellence – Integrity
6. Maintain a professional level of courtesy, respect and objectivity in all matters and activities.
7. Strive to uphold those practices and assist other members of the board in upholding the highest standards of conduct. Professional Gain – Self Dealing'
8. Exercise the powers invested for the good of all members of the club rather than for personal benefit. Equal Opportunity – Diversity – Exclusivity
9. Ensure the right of all members to access benefits and services without discrimination on the basis of culture, geography, political, religious or socio-economic aspects.
10. Ensure the right of all members to access benefits and services without discrimination on the basis of the club’s volunteer or staff make – up in respect to gender, sexual orientation,
national origin, race, religion, age, political affiliation or disability, in accordance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
Confidential Information'
11. Respect the confidentiality of sensitive information known to board service and used for the purpose of governance and management. Collaboration and Cooperation
12. Respect the diversity of opinions expressed or acted upon by the WCMHC board, committees and membership, and formally register dissent as appropriate.
13. Promote collaboration, cooperation and partnership among club members.

1. All advertising must be presented to the President prior to submission to any advertising medium.
2. Any promotion or advertising is to be determined with the Board and/ or President.
3. All advertising should contain the Club logo.

1. The Board is responsible for ensuring that all archival material is kept in an appropriate place.
2. Current Board and General Meeting minutes are kept with the Secretary, and returned to the Board when the Secretary’s term is complete. Minutes are also kept on the Club website.


1. All Board members on completion of their term of office shall return all files, supplies and property of the Club within 30 days of completing their term
2. Any Board member unable to complete their term of office shall submit a letter of resignation to the Secretary, with a copy to the President.”
3. Members of the Board of Directors may submit a yearly budget to the Treasurer, thirty days prior to the Annual General Meeting, which shall be submitted for approval of the membership at the Annual General Meeting.
4. “All Board members shall conduct themselves ethically and in the best interest of the Club. (Please see Code of Ethics)


The Show Committee shall present to the Annual General Meeting all facts and figures for any proposed Club show or shows for the ensuing year, and the membership shall approve the number and type of shows for the ensuing year. 

The Show Committee shall keep the Board of Directors apprised of any approved show changes, requests, alternatives, budget changes, progress, etc throughout the year.


Any proposal for events shall be presented to the Board of Directors prior to October 1st, and the
type of event, the cost, and the timing shall be approved by the general membership at the
Annual General Meeting.
Chairpersons of the following committees shall be volunteer positions established at the Annual General Meeting, and they shall appoint other persons to serve on the committees to be ratified by the Board of Directors from time to time.
It is the responsibility of each Committee Chairperson to review the Procedure Manual for their Committee and submit any changes for approval by the Board of Directors prior to the Annual General Meeting.
• Parliamentarian: shall be responsible for ensuring the Club follows the “Revised Robert’s Rules of Order”. This member shall not be a member of any other committee, or the parent of a of a youth member.
• Membership: shall be responsible for solicitation of new members. The membership list will be maintained by the Treasurer and published in the Club newsletter, at least onceper year. The Vice President shall be the chairperson of the Committee.
• Club Shows:
- shall communicate with the Board regarding the number of shows, the location, and timing, and the type and procedures of the shows, the classes and rules of particular classes, and ensure that shows are completed according to Club and
Registry standards.
- The Committee will ensure that the handling of the shows is in accordance with the Club’s Code of Ethics, and AMHA and/or AMHR requirements.
- The Committee will provide all income to the Club Treasurer with an accounting, and will request all disbursements through invoicing either in person, or by mail or by email,
- and will provide a full financial accounting at the end of each show to the Board of Directors, and to the general membership at the Annual General Meeting.
• Bylaws: shall review from time to time the existing bylaws and present any proposed changes to the Board of Directors for approval prior to submitting to the general membership. Any changes to the bylaws will be voted on by the membership at the Annual General Meeting, passed by Special Resolution, and then submitted to the Corporate Registrar for approval. 
• High Points:
- shall gather, tabulate, and record all scores for Club sanctioned shows, and record the results for the Annual General Meeting and/or the year end wind up event.
- will see to the maintenance of the Club perpetual trophies and arrange for the annual keeper trophies for each winner.
- oversee all changes, additions, deletions, and updates to the Club Points Rules. Changes to these rules will be governed as per changes to the Bylaws. Any changes proposed shall be mailed and/or emailed to the membership prior to the AGM, voted on by the membership at the AGM, and contained in the Minutes of the AGM. The Rules as passed, and the list of sanctioned shows, shall be included in the Club newsletter prior to the first show of the year.
- Note: The existing perpetual trophies were donated with the understanding that they are to promote the AMHA and AMHR Standards of Perfection. This does not in any way prevent a separate set of trophies and sponsors being obtained for non-AMHA or AMHR sanctioned shows.
- Any trophies donated to the Club become the property of the Club.
• Sportsmanship: shall oversee and coordinate the awarding of the Youth and Adult Sportsmanship trophies annually, with input from the membership.
• Youth Development: shall oversee and coordinate all Youth activities and functions hosted by the Club. The Chairperson shall act as liaison with the any AMHA or AMHR youth activities.
• Youth Incentive Program (YIP): is a sub-committee that operates under the Youth
Development Committee of the Club.
- The Coordinator will work in conjunction with the Youth Development Committee Chairperson. The YIP will have a separate bank account which will be controlled by the Coordinator.
- The Coordinator will be held accountable to the Club membership and yearly financial statements will be submitted to the Club Treasurer to be included with the Club financials for audit review.
- Should this sub-committee be dissolved, all funds remaining shall be paid to the Club Treasurer for deposit to the Club bank account.
- The purpose of the sub-committee (YIP) will be to encourage more youth to join the Club through various activities, incentives, clinics, shows and other related programs.
• Newsletter:
- shall produce newsletters, at intervals annually, which will contain pertinent information regarding Club activities, membership lists, Club meeting minutes, financial reports, show information, and articles of interest to Club members.
- The Editor shall accept advertisements from members and non members, as authorized by the membership, and shall account to the Club Treasurer for all receipts from such advertisements. 
- The Editor will have a float for use in production of the newsletter. This float will be maintained by submitting bills and cheques to the Treasurer after each edition of the newsletter. The Treasurer will then issue a cheque to return the float to the balance agreed upon at the Annual General Meeting. At the end of the Editor’s term, the Editor shall return the float to the Club Treasurer.
• Fundraising: shall organize and conduct all fundraising activities of the Club and be accountable to the Club Treasurer for all receipts and disbursements. All activities shall be approved by the Club membership, except when time is of the essence to secure a fundraiser, and in that case, the activity shall be approved by the Board of Directors.

• Futurity: shall organize and conduct a futurity program including but not limited to the establishment of rules and regulations, securing sponsorship and awarding of prizes, and the hiring of judges appropriate for the program. The program, and its annual alterations, shall be approved by the Board, and then the membership at a general meeting.
• Website: shall evaluate and monitor the Club’s home page on its website. The home page will be updated at least quarterly, and may contain show announcements, show results, and the content should pertain to Club information, and not be specific to a particular farm. Links to member home pages are encouraged. Advertising space on the home page can be sold, if agreed by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis.
• Marketing:
- shall represent the Club at all events within their region, and be responsible for promotion of the miniature horse breed within their area.
- Any event or show being organized under the Club name must obtain approval at an Annual General Meeting, with the exception of parades under the Club banner or trail rides or small events where no funds are involved.
- No one person can state an event in the name of the Club and obligate the Club to any expense not approved by the membership at an Annual General Meeting.
• Insurance: shall research and report back on the insurance coverage that the Club presently has, and make recommendations for improvements where necessary.


1. All Club equipment is the sole property of the Society.
2. All WCMHC property may be used by the Club, but not by individual members and the
equipment will not be loaned for use outside the Club, without the Board’s permission.
4. All WCMHC furnishings and equipment must be listed on an inventory. Equipment and furnishings must not be discarded, sold or otherwise disposed of without Board and/or President approval. Changes to inventory made throughout the year must be updated by the Secretary and recorded at year end on the financial statements and in the Minute Book.


1 Board approved spending will be paid by the Treasurer after the Expense Account Form and supporting receipts are submitted.
2. Any Honoraria to be paid shall be at the discretion of the Board.

3. Receipts will be issued by the Treasurer for any money received. This is to ensure that the Treasurer knows what the money is for and the amount. The Treasurer shall make out the receipt.
4. Receipts may be issued by the Show Committee for funds received, provided that the Show Committee completes an accounting for the Treasurer following each show.


1. The main duties of the Treasurer are listed in the Bylaws including budget presentations. 
The Treasurer is responsible for all monies belonging to the Club and reports directly to the
Board and provides reports to the Board and membership at each meeting.
2. Committees receiving money shall give this money to the Treasurer. The Treasurer will issue a receipt for money received. This is to ensure that there is a double check on revenues received by the Club.
3. All Committee Chairs and the Board shall give a justified budget estimate to the Treasurer not later than October 1st. These projections go to make up the Club budget for the ensuing year.. The final budget shall be approved by the membership at the Annual General Meeting.


1. Fundraising is essential for the continuing operation of the Club.
2. Fundraising proposals shall be presented to the Board prior to October 1st annually, and shall be approved by the membership at the Annual General Meeting. Any fundraising activity where time is of the essence to secure the activity shall be approved by the Board of Directors. 

1. On membership approval, the Club may assign marketing of the Club to individual groups of members, with a funding allotment for such purposes.

1. A member in good standing in the Club means that the member has paid their current membership dues.
2. At the option of the membership, a member who has not renewed their membership on the 1st day of January shall not be struck from the membership roster until they have received one more issue of the Club newsletter with a notice that their membership has expired.


1. Unless a separate Committee is struck from the Board, The Treasurer shall be responsible for:
• Collecting all membership fees and receipting same
• Maintaining an accurate membership list and forwarding it, with any changes from time to time, to the Webmaster for the official website
2. Members shall have the option of applying for:
• Family Membership, $40.00 includes 2 votes, printed and online Club newsletter, and qualification for the Club Hi Point Awards for 2 adults and all youth 18 year and under living at that address.
• Associate Membership: $15.00, Additional adults living at the same address as Family Membership. Includes 1 vote, online Club newsletter, and qualification for the Club Hi Point Awards for 1 person only.
• Single Membership: $35.00 includes 1 vote, printed and online Club newsletter and qualification for the Club Hi Point Awards for one person only.
• Youth Membership, $15.00 includes qualification for the Club Hi Point Awards, 0 votes, and online Club newsletter. Youth must 18 years and under as of January 1st.
3. Memberships are payable annually and effective January 1 to December 31 in each year.
1. The Club believes that the Club newsletter holds the Club together. The Editor is encouraged to publish a newsletter 4 times per year, and mail and/or email the newsletter and/or upload the newsletter to the Club website in order that members who do not show or live in another Province may be informed of all activities and events and decisions of the Club.


1. THE Club believes that one way to publicize the miniature horse and Club events is to use modern technology and this includes a Website which has been set up for use for the public and the membership.
2. The official website is www.wcmhc.club .
3. Members are asked to check this website for information about membership, events, and related information.